Welcome to Living in Abundance!

All breast cancer patients deserve the comfort of an Abundant Pocket Hoodie regardless of their financial ability.  Living in Abundance has set out to gift an Abundant Pocket Hoodie to all breast cancer patients undergoing a mastectomy.

What is an Abundant Pocket Hoodie?

To create the Abundant Pocket Hoodie, volunteers sew inside pockets in normal hoodies to accommodate the drains mastectomy patients have after surgery. These pockets disguise the tubes and drains and keep them from pulling on the skin.  The hope is this “Abundant Pocket Hoodie” helps the breast cancer patient with some of the emotional and physical turmoil of a mastectomy and will bring a sense of comfort during a difficult time. 

Why the Abundant Pocket Hoodie Project is Unique

While there are many breast cancer nonprofits which raise funds for cancer research, Living in Abundance seeks to provide comfort directly to breast cancer patients.  By creating and providing free specialty hoodies, our organization strives to make this a comfort any cancer patient can request, regardless of financial ability. The only cost to the recipient is shipping, we ask for $15 to cover shipping charges of the hoodie.

Each time you put your “Abundant Pocket Hoodie” on, I hope you feel my hug.

-Angela Grojean

Thank you so very much for the hoodie! It will help so much being more mobile while recovering. Your thoughtfulness doesn’t go without appreciation! 
Warmest regards, Jennifer


Thank you and all of the volunteers for the Abundant pocket Hoodie. I love it, it is so cozy! My surgery is Tuesday-lots of emotions for the journey. Faith is greater than Fear is one I hold on to!